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Single-teacher schools (Jharkhand)

Content for Mains Enrichment (CME)

Source: TH

A single-teacher school refers to a school where there is only one teacher responsible for teaching all the students across different grade levels. A significant number of government schools in Jharkhand have only one teacher, despite the Right to Education Act mandating a minimum of two teachers for schools with up to 60 students.


Reasons: The lack of recruitment over the years and the government’s apathy towards education in marginalized communities are cited as reasons for the prevalence of single-teacher schools.

Impact: Teachers in single-teacher schools are faced with several challenges, such as heavy workloads, limited resources, and administrative tasks. Students struggle with learning and lack age-appropriate education. Marginalized communities are particularly affected. The schools also suffer from poor infrastructure and inadequate support systems.


Usage: Such an example can be used to highlight issues with the education sector in India.