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Sachhi Saheli Mahila Agro Producer Company Limited

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A farmer-producer organization (FPO) in Lambi Ahir village, Rajasthan, has achieved significant success within a few months of its inception. Led by woman sarpanch Neeru Yadav, the FPO has generated revenue worth ₹50 lakh through the cultivation and sale of 80,000 kg of mustard. The FPO, named Sachhi Saheli Mahila Agro Producer Company Limited, is the 15th FPO established in collaboration with NABARD.


In a move towards gender equality, 150 women farmers have been included as equity holders alongside their male counterparts.


Usage: Such an example can be used in governance/ Women related/Leadership/ Agriculture questions to show the success of FPO in creating diverse market access avenues, increasing income, promoting empowerment, and building capacity among farmers.