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25 years of Kudumbashree

Content for Mains Enrichment (CME)

Source: DTE


About Kudumbashree:

KudumbashreeKudumbashree is a women’s self-help group network and poverty eradication program in the state of Kerala
InceptionLaunched in 1998, it aims to empower women from economically disadvantaged backgrounds by providing them with opportunities for entrepreneurship, skill development, and social support.
WorkingKudumbashree operates at the grassroots level, organizing women into neighbourhood groups (NHGs), which then form larger community-level and ward-level organizations.
Achievements of Kudumbashree
Economic EmpowermentKudumbashree has helped marginalized women become successful entrepreneurs and income generators.
Food securityE.g., It has established “Janakeeya Hotels” across the state, offering affordable meals. Currently, it operates 125 restaurants providing meals for just Rs 20.
Disaster Relief and RehabilitationDonated Rs 7 crore to the Chief Minister’s distress relief fund during the devastating floods in Kerala. Provided counselling to over 8,000 families affected by the floods.
COVID-19 ResponseManufactured and supplied masks and sanitisers during the pandemic.
Women’s EmpowermentMobilized women for community activities and grassroots planning. Enabled women’s participation in local bodies after enforcing the 33% women’s reservation policy
Consultancy Work and Poverty ReductionKudumbashree’s success in poverty reduction was highlighted by studies and surveys, including the Multidimensional Poverty Index by NITI Aayog. The extended consultancy works on women’s empowerment in 13 other states, sharing knowledge and expertise.
Challenges include addressing gender-based atrocities and becoming a strong counter-culture force in Kerala.


Usage: Such innovative schemes for grass root development, can be used to cite your arguments in Governance, women-related questions, and essays.