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Examples of initiatives under Mission LiFE

Content for Mains Enrichment (CME)

Source: PIB

Clean Sea Initiatives National Centre for Sustainable Coastal Management“Fishing for litter” encourages fishermen to bring discarded fishing gear to shore-based reception facilities.
Beach CleaningBeach cleaning activities are organized to collect plastic waste, including discarded fishing nets and single-use plastics.
Sensitization ProgramsEducating the fishing community about responsible fishing, hygienic fish handling, energy and water conservation.
Plantation DrivesNational Institute of Himalayan EnvironmentPlanting medicinal and horticultural species to promote healthy lifestyles and sustain resources.
Awareness ProgramsZoological Survey of IndiaConducting programs in schools, colleges, offices, and marketplaces to spread awareness of sustainable practices.
Waste Segregation ProgramsNational Museum of Natural HistoryPromoting waste segregation and lifestyle changes to reduce environmental impact.