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Regulating captive breeding of exotic animals

Facts for Prelims (FFP)

Source: Hindustan Times


Context: India begins regulating the captive breeding of exotic animals through a licensing system.

  • Those who breed exotic species protected under (CITES) and listed in Appendix 1 of Schedule IV of the Wildlife Protection Act 2022 can now obtain Breeders of Species Licence under the Breeders of Species Licence Rules,2023.
  • Appendix 1 of Schedule IV is endangered exotic animals (Red Panda, various species of dogs, wolves, cats, apes, chimpanzees, gibbons) and plants, and import rules are stricter for them.


What is Captive Breeding?

Captive breeding refers to the practice of breeding and raising wild animals in controlled environments, such as zoos, wildlife centres, or specialized facilities, with the purpose of conserving and protecting endangered or threatened species.

  • The goal of captive breeding programs is to increase the population size of rare species and, if possible, reintroduce individuals back into their natural habitats.


Captive breeding of exotic species protected under CITES was not regulated in the Indian laws until the recent amendment to the Wildlife (Protection) Amendment Act 2022.