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Thrissur Pooram

Facts for Prelims (FFP)

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Context: Thrissur Pooram, a festival celebrated in the Malayalam month of Medam, took place with great fanfare.

 About Thrissur Pooram:

Thrissur Pooram is an annual Hindu temple festival held in Thrissur, Kerala. It is held at the Vadakkunnathan Temple in Thrissur every year on the Pooram day (the day when the moon rises with the Pooram star in the Malayalam Calendar month of Medam)

DateOccurs on the day when the star sign “Pooram” occurs in the Malayalam month of “Medam” (April-May)
OriginThe festival was initiated by Raja Rama Varma, also known as Sakthan Thampuran, the Maharaja of Cochin (1790–1805)
PurposeA ceremony where ten temples in and around Thrissur come together to pay obeisance to Lord Shiva at the Vadakkunnathan Temple
Key FeaturesKodiyettam (flag hoisting ceremony), percussion ensemble, elaborate elephant processions, firework displays
Last DayThe seventh day of the Pooram, also known as “Pakal Pooram”
SignificanceIt is the largest and most famous of all poorams in India. It promotes ‘inclusivity’ as it has grown to encompass all religious and cultural strains of Kerala. Muslim and Christian communities also participate.