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Command Cyber Operations and Support Wings (CCOSWs)


Source: HBL


Context: The Indian Army has decided to create Command Cyber Operations and Support Wings (CCOSWs) to assist its formations in dealing with cyberspace security challenges posed by adversaries.


About CCOSWs:

Topic Information
Purpose To assist Army formations in taking up cyberspace security challenges and safeguard networks
Goal Increase preparedness levels in the cyberspace domain
Function Help Army formations in addressing cyberspace security challenges posed by adversaries. The Lead Directorates and Test Bed formations will facilitate the absorption of niche technologies and improve the exploitation of futuristic technologies across the army.
Challenges Addressed Adversaries’ expansion of cyber warfare capabilities, cyber-attacks on critical infrastructure, digital illiteracy, import dependency on electronic devices, lack of coordination among agencies, and inadequate infrastructure and trained staff
Other Initiatives Taken by India National Cyber Security Policy (2013); Framework for enhancing Cyber Security; Tri-service Defence Cyber Agency (DCA); setting up of CERT-In and National Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Centre (NCIIPC)
Initiatives taken by other countries for cyberwarfare US Cyber Command was established in 2009; France adopted a national cyber security strategy in 2015; China’s Strategic Support Force in 2015; Russian GRU; Israel’s Unit 8200;