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Heat Dome

GS Paper 1

 Syllabus: Geomorphology


Source: DTE

 Context: ‘Heat domes’ have been associated with recent unusually warm periods in the USA. Previously, it had also caused heat waves in India, Bangladesh, China and some other Asian countries.


Steps to mitigate Heat Domes’ impact:

Mitigating StrategyDescription
Policies Developing policies and guidelines on weather variability and urban heat management
GreeningPlanting more trees and creating green spaces; Investing in green infrastructure such as parks, green roofs.
InfrastructureUsing permeable materials in construction, encouraging cleaner cooking fuels, improving public transportation, and reducing personal vehicle usage
Waste ManagementReducing landfill size, implementing waste segregation, and managing solid waste at the source to reduce methane production and fires
Building DesignPromoting the use of green roofs, cool roofs, and passive cooling techniques to reduce indoor temperatures; Implementing building codes and standards
Renewable EnergyPromoting the use of renewable energy sources such as solar and wind energy for cooling and electricity needs
Public AwarenessEducating the public about the risks of heatwaves and the importance of reducing the carbon footprint
NDMA guidelinesIn 2016, the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) issued comprehensive guidelines to prepare national-level key strategies for mitigating the impact of heat domes and heat waves.


Government India Cooling Action Plan (Reducing cooling demand by 20-25% and refrigeration demand by 25-30% by the year 2037); National Action Plan for Climate Change


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“Rising temperatures, scorching heat, and economic distress – Heat dome is a triple threat to India’s progress”. Explain how heat domes are formed and enumerate their socio-economic impact. (250 Words)