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[MISSION 2023] Mini Secure Revision Test: 22 April 2023


How to Follow Secure Initiative?

How to Self-evaluate your answer? 



Answer the following questions in 150 words:

General Studies – 1


1. To fully realize the potential of India’s demographic dividend, the government must address the significant gaps in education and skills training. Analyse.

Reference: Live MintInsights on India


2. What are the causes for the Great Pacific Garbage Patch? Evaluate its impact on human health and the economy.

Reference: The HinduInsights on India

General Studies – 2


3. The pollution problem in the Ganga River remains unabated despite the government’s efforts to clean it up. Critically analyze various government polices to clean the Ganga River.

Reference: Down to EarthInsights on IndiaInsights on India

General Studies – 3


4. Discuss the importance of exports for a nation’s economic growth and development. What are the impediments to India’s exports and how can they be overcome?

Reference: Indian ExpressInsights on India


5. What is a proxy war? Examine various threats to India from a proxy war and suggest strategies to promote peace and stability.

Reference: Insights on India


Answer the following questions in 250 words(15 marks each):

General Studies – 1


6. Export hotspots play a crucial role in driving India’s export growth by acting as key centers of production and trade. Discuss the features of major export hotspots of India.

Reference: The Hindu

General Studies – 2


7. The government must change its approach from criminalising suicide attempts to suicide prevention by emphasizing the need for mental health support and compassion for those struggling with suicidal thoughts. Elaborate.

Reference: Down to Earth


8. The question of whether to conduct a caste-based census in India is a complex and contentious one. While there are valid arguments in favour of such a census, there are also concerns about the potential for further social division and the logistical challenges of collecting and analysing caste-based data. Critically examine.

Reference: Indian Express , Insights on India

General Studies – 3


9. Managing such a diverse border is a complex task but vital from the point of view of national security. With a special emphasis on Arunachal Pradesh, examine the various challenges and strategies for effective border management in India.

Reference: Indian Express


10. A combination of preventive measures and addressing the underlying grievances is needed to effectively address the threat posed by the Khalistan movement to the internal security of India. Discuss.

Reference: Insights on India

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