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‘Sathi’ portal and mobile app


Source: LM

 Context: The Sathi (Seed Traceability, Authentication and Holistic Inventory) portal and mobile app were launched by the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare.

ObjectiveDesigned to curb the sale of spurious seeds and ensure that quality seeds reach farmers
WorkingQuality assurance, seed source identification (traced through a QR code system), Seed Certification, Seed Licensing, Seed Catalogue, Dealer Farmer Sales, Farmer Registration and direct subsidies to registered farmers’ bank accounts
ProcessSeeds with valid certification can only be sold by valid licensed dealers to centrally registered farmers who will receive a subsidy through DBT directly into their bank accounts
DeveloperNational Informatics Centre in collaboration with the Ministry on the theme of ‘Uttam Beej – Samriddh Kisan’
Issue of inferior seedsPoor seed quality arises as most farmers in India keep their own seed and do not tend to do any seed processing to ensure varietal purity or seed quality. Inferior quality seeds lead to “Germination failure”
The legal status of seeds in IndiaEnactment of Seeds Act, 1966 gives legal status to seeds in India; Seed Act allows farmers to get compensation for losses incurred; Seed certification is voluntary but labelling is compulsory in India; PPV&FR Act, 2001 to ensures availability of quality seeds and planting material to the farmer