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Zero Click Spyware


Source: ET

 Context: An Israeli company’s (QuaDream Ltd) Spyware has been used against journalists, opposition figures and advocacy organizations across at least 10 countries – according to new research published Tuesday by Microsoft Corp and the internet watchdog Citizen Lab.


What is Spyware?

Spyware refers to software programs that are designed to collect data from a computer or device without the user’s knowledge or consent.

About Zero Click Spyware

It is a no-interaction-needed hacking tool, known as “Zero-Click”, which can remotely compromise devices without an owner needing to open a malicious link or download a tainted attachment.


What are Zero-click attacks?

Zero-click attacks are a type of cyber-attack where a device or system is compromised without any interaction or action from the user. Zero-click attacks often rely on zero-days, which are vulnerabilities that are unknown to the software maker and for which no fix is presently available.