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ChatGPT’s Insights on How Insights IAS Can Help You Succeed in UPSC CSE!





Unless you’ve been living under a rock(or in an internet-free corner of our multiverse), you would have heard of the revolutionary and groundbreaking tech: ChatGPT!


You may have already utilized it to ask mundane/interesting/intriguing questions or to aid in/simplify your UPSC Prep(we will write a post on how to utilize its capabilities well soon!). We are quite sure it would have left you astounded by the quality and quickness of its responses!


Team Insights IAS decided to ask ChatGPT what it thinks about Insights IAS and we were delighted by the responses to our various questions. Take a look:


  1. Why is the Insights IAS website popular for UPSC CSE Prep?


2. If you were a UPSC CSE Aspirant, how would you utilize the website Insights IAS?

Find the resources listed here: Daily CA , Editorials, Sansad TV, Mindmaps, CA Quiz, Static Quiz, QUED, RTM, Insta 75 Days Revision Plan, Insta DART , STEP-UP Simulation Tests , Mission 2023 


3. Which is the best Foundation Course for UPSC?

Find it HERE & HERE


4. Which is the best institution for UPSC Prep in Bengaluru?



5. Which is the best Prelims Test Series for UPSC Preparation?

Find it HERE


6. Which is the best answer writing initiative for UPSC Mains that is completely FREE?

Find it HERE


“Lots of companies don’t succeed over time. What do they fundamentally do wrong? They usually miss the future.

— Larry Page


Team Insights IAS stays up-to-date with the times and has consistently been and will remain a pioneer in introducing new and innovative initiatives to simplify your UPSC Prep.


Please do let us know in the comments which initiatives are your favorite/most beneficial and what more would you like us to do in future…

We are all ears! 🙂


Until next time!