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Changes in the domestic gas pricing formula

Facts for Prelims (FFP)

Source: IE

 Context: Union Cabinet has changed the pricing regime for domestic natural gas under the ambit of the administered price mechanism (APM)


About APM:

  • APM applies to the pricing of gas produced by legacy fields (old Oil fields awarded to ONGC and OIL before 1999, when auctioning started)
  • APM gas accounts for about two-thirds of India’s natural gas production,


CriteriaOld Pricing SystemNew Pricing System
ApplicationAPM gas fieldsNomination fields of ONGC/OIL. New Exploration Licensing Policy (NELP) and Pre-NELP Block
Pricing Formula‘Modified’ Rangarajan formula since November 1, 2014Indexation to the price of imported crude oil
Price Determination FrequencyQuarterlyMonthly
Price CalculationBased on the cost of production, returns, and a notional price of imported LNG10% of the monthly average of the Indian crude basket
Price Ceiling and FloorNo floor or ceilingSubjected to a floor and ceiling price that remains unchanged for 2 years
The premium for Gas from New WellsNo premium allowed20% over APM price for gas produced from new fields


Advantages: The new pricing formula will help stabilize the prices of gas, encourage investment into the Gas based economy, help reduce prices of fertilizers, help reduce the government’s subsidy burden


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