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India Justice Report on India’s police forces

GS Paper 3

 Syllabus: Internal Security


Source: TH

 Context: India Justice Report 2022 has been recently released. For more on the report: Click here


Major findings:

Categories Findings
Overall Performer Telangana police ranked first among States while West Bengal ranked last.
Overall Vacancies Overall police vacancies increased from about 20% to 22% (between 2020 and 2022)
Fulfilling Quotas for SC, and ST Communities Karnataka was the only state to meet its quotas for SC, ST, and Other Backward Classes.
Women in the Police Force No state which had the 33% criteria managed to meet it.
It will take another 24 years to have 33% women in police forces across states.
Among large and medium states, Andhra Pradesh was the best performer with nearly 22% of women in police, while Jharkhand was the worst performer with just about 6%.
While women’s representation in the police has been growing in recent years, they made up only about 10% of all police officers in India (2021).


Issues Faced by Women in Police Forces in India and Steps to address them:

Issues Steps to Address Them
Gender Discrimination Conduct gender sensitization programs and training sessions for all police personnel. Implement strict penalties for any discriminatory behaviour towards women.
Lack of Representation Increase the number of women in police recruitment drives. Strictly enforce reservation of women in the police force by state governments.
Sexual Harassment Establish a zero-tolerance policy for sexual harassment. Set up internal complaint committees to investigate and address any cases of harassment.
Poor Working Conditions Provide separate and secure accommodation for women police officers. Ensure the availability of adequate and clean restroom facilities for women.
Safety Concerns Provide self-defence training to women police officers.
Lack of Support Create a support network for women police officers, including counselling services and a grievance redressal mechanism. Provide opportunities for career advancement and professional development for women officers.