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GI Tag for several items

Facts for Prelims (FFP)

Source: PIB, TOI


Context: As many as 33 products were granted GI certification recently by the GI Registry, Chennai, as per news reports.

Jammu and Kashmir – Kathua district

Basohli Painting


It is the first independent GI-tagged product from the Jammu region.

It is considered the first school of Pahari paintings

These are painted on paper, cloth, or wood using natural pigments and dyes.


Ladakh’s Wood Carving


Ladakh’s wood carving has been known for its intricate designs and unique patterns, which are mostly inspired by Buddhist themes and motifs

The wood carvings are made from local wood such as willow and apricot


and they are often used for decorating doors, windows, and other household items.




Uttar PradeshBanarasi paan , langda mango of Varanasi ,  Ramnagar Bhanta (brinjal) and Chandausi’s adamchini chawal (rice)