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Fish swimming more than 8km underwater

Facts for Prelims (FFP)

 Source: BBC

 Context: The fish – a type of snailfish – was filmed at a depth of 8,336m in the Izu-Ogasawara Trench, south of Japan, using a robotic ‘lander’ submarine.

About Snailfish:

  • Snailfish belong to the family of marine ray-finned fishes.
  • of species: over 300 species of snailfish in the world and most of them can be found swimming in shallow rivers.
  • In extreme conditions: Some snailfish have adapted to live in the freezing cold waters of the Arctic and Antarctic, and in the extreme pressure conditions in the world’s deepest underwater trenches.


How do they survive under such immense pressure?

These deepwater snailfish have squishy, gelatinous bodies, which help them to survive the crushing pressure. They don’t have a swim bladder – an organ found in most fish which controls their ability to float. In terms of food, these fish are like little vacuum cleaners, that suck up scraps and tiny crabs on the ocean floor.