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India Justice Report 2022

GS Paper 2

 Syllabus: Structure, Organization and Functioning of the Executive and the Judiciary


Source: TH


Context: According to the India Justice Report (IJR) 2022 (3rd edition), the State of Karnataka emerged at the top among the 18 large and mid-sized States with populations of over one crore.



  • The Report (initiated by Tata Trusts in 2019) is a first-of-its-kind national periodic report that ranks the capacity of states to deliver justice.
  • It assesses the capacity of 4 core pillars of the justice system:
    • Police,
    • Prisons,
    • Judiciary and
    • Legal aid across all 36 states and UTs.
  • Each pillar was analyzed through the prism of budgets, human resources, workload, diversity, infrastructure and trends against the state’s own declared standards and benchmarks.
  • The Report is a collaborative effort undertaken in partnership with DAKSH, Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy, TISS-Prayas, etc.
  • The IJR 2022 also separately assesses the capacity of the 25 State Human Rights Commissions in the country.


The IJR 2022:


  • The State of UP is at the lowest rank (18th) among mid-sized and large States (population > 1 crore), while the State of Goa is at the lowest rank (7th) among the small States with a (population < 1 crore).

Significance: The report brings together otherwise siloed data on the 4 pillars of Justice delivery.


Nations deficits:





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