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Facts for Prelims (FFP)

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Context: Recently, ‘Nagaraja Thira’ was celebrated at the Sree Muchilottu temple at Kuthiravattom in Kozhikode.

About ThiraDescription
RegionMalabar region of Kerala
PerformersArtists from the Malaya community, who are recognized as Perumalayans (Peruvannan caste)
DeitiesBhagavathi and Shiva
Difference between Thira and TheyyamThira is a sub-division of Theyyam, with the difference being that in Thira, the performer is considered possessed by the deity, while in Theyyam, the performer is considered to be the god he represents.
CostumePerformers wear ceremonial paint and clothing and represent specific deities
SponsorshipDevotees sponsor the performers as a prayer offering
PurposeViewed as a way to bring the gods to life, with performers seen as possessed by the gods during the dance
 About TheyyamRevere form of dance worship in Kerala and Karnataka. Each Theyyam is a man or woman who has achieved divine status through their heroic deeds or virtuous life. Most Theyyams are considered incarnations of Shiva or Shakti or have strong associations with them