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How can humans & animals exist more peacefully?

Content for Mains Enrichment (CME)

Source: DTE

Example 1: Planting a “barrier” of crops that repel animals such as elephants. It will benefit both the animals and local people and involve the communities concerned.


Example 2: Kenya: Tracking collars have been fitted to some elephants in a herd to inform locals about their movements, leading to better management and fewer harmful incidents.


Example 3: India: WildSev (a mobile technology initiative) provides a user-friendly platform for farmers and others to report wildlife conflict incidents. WildSeve responders on motorcycles provide immediate assistance.


Example 4:  IUCN SSC Guidelines on Human-Wildlife Conflict and Coexistence provide a roadmap for managing the conflict and inform the formulation of new policies and community-led action strategies for achieving coexistence with wildlife in any context.

Usage: Such examples can be used as an innovative examples to solve human-wildlife conflict issues.