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Compact supercapacitor

Facts For Prelims

Source: The Hindu


Context: Indian Institute of Science (IISc) researchers have designed a novel ultra-micro supercapacitor, a tiny device capable of storing an enormous amount of electric charge.

  • Apart from being small in size and more compact than existing supercapacitors, they can potentially be used in many devices ranging from streetlights to consumer electronics, electric cars and medical devices.



  • Supercapacitors, combine the best of both batteries and capacitors – they can store as well as release large amounts of energy and are therefore highly sought-after for next-generation electronic devices.


Current capacitors

  • They typically use metal oxide-based electrodes, but they are limited by poor electron mobility.
  • In the future, the researchers are planning to explore if replacing MoS2 with other materials can increase the capacitance of their supercapacitor even more.