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Sansad TV: Perspective- India-Egypt Relations





India and Egypt have agreed to elevate their bilateral ties to Strategic Partnership covering political, security, defence, energy and economic aspects. This was decided during the bilateral talks between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi who was also the Chief Guest at India’s 74th Republic Day celebrations. Both leaders held discussions over a wide range of issues on Wednesday with five agreements signed on cooperation in areas of culture, IT, cyber security, youth matters and broadcasting. Both sides were also unanimous in their view that terrorism is the most serious security threat to humanity and concrete measures are needed to end cross-border terrorism. Being two of the world’s oldest civilizations- India and Egypt have enjoyed a history of close contact from ancient times. India is keen to further expand ties with Egypt, a key player in the politics of both the Arab world as well as Africa.

Egypt has become a major foreign policy priority:

  • India’s support to Egyptian political leadership in its efforts for economic reconstruction efforts in Egypt
  • Close cooperation in Counter-terrorism (Egypt is a major power in Middle East fighting ISIS) & Maritime security efforts in Middle East which is becoming vulnerable to pirate threats & Yemen unrest since Arab Spring.
  • Egypt has expressed its interest to buy Indian missiles can have positive impact in making middle east & Egypt in particular strategically secure.
  • Suez Canal route – its safety and security, are critical for Indian Maritime exports to Europe. India must support Egypt’s initiatives to make it secure. Suez Canal route is important till the time INSTC (International North-South Transport Corridor) route gets completed
  • Maritime engagement through coordinated drills & exercises. Sisi gov close ties with Israel provides India will crucial opportunity to strategically engage with Egypt without aggrieving Israel, a crucial strategic parter of India
  • Oil Exports – Egypt being largest Oil producer Outside OPEC can help India meet its energy demands

Historical aspect:

  • India and Egypt, two of the world’s oldest civilizations, have enjoyed a history of
    close contact from ancient times.
  • Even prior to the Common Era, Ashoka’s edicts refer to his
    relations with Egypt.
    India and Egypt share close political understanding.Egypt has traditionally been one of India’s most important trading partners in the African continent.
  • India and Egypt share close political understanding based on a long history of cooperation in bilateral, regional and global issues.
  • Diplomatic relations were established on August 18, 1947 (completed 75 years in 2022).
  • India’s PM Jawaharlal Nehru and Egypt’s President Gamal Abdel Nasser signed the Friendship Treaty between the two countries, and they were key to forming the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM in 1961) along with Yugoslav President Josip Broz Tito.
  • High-level exchanges with Egypt continued post 2011 Egyptian Revolution and the new government led by President (Sisi) took over in 2014.
  • When the Egyptian President paid a State visit to India in 2016, a joint statement was issued, outlining the three pillars–
    • Political-security cooperation,
    • Economic engagement and scientific collaboration and
    • Cultural and people-people ties as the basis of a new partnership for a new era.

 Egypt is beneficial for both the nation:

  • Balancing geopolitical issues:- Recent visit is an important step in balancing the arab-israel contact.
  • Egypt can play an important role in the leadership of middle east.
  • Improving relation with Egypt will give us strategic advantage in middle east.
  • It will help in curbing terrorism through mutual cooperation and information sharing.
  • India is playing an important role in economic development of Egypt.
  • India can invest in banking, pharmaceutical and insurance sector while Egypt can be developed as major source of oil import.
  • Better Job opportunity for Indian diaspora.
  • Strategic location of Egypt is important for us for having trade with European nations.
  • India has invited Egypt as a special guest for the G-20 summit.
  • Exercise Cyclone-I– first ever exercise between Indian Army and Egyptian Army was held in Jaisalmer recently.
  • India and Egypt agreed to elevate their bilateral ties to a “Strategic Partnership”covering political, security, defence, energy, and economic aspects.

Bilateral trade relations:

  • Egypt has traditionally been one of India’s most important trading partners in Africa, as they have had a bilateral trade agreement since 1978 based on the most-favoured nation clause.
  • The bilateral trade has increased more than five times (USD 26 billion in 2021-22 – a 75% increase from FY 2020-2021) in the past 10 years.
  • Agriculture: Egypt is currently facing a shortage of food grains as its major sources were the warring Ukraine and Russia. In May last year, India- which had put a ban on the sale of wheat, allowed the export of 61,000 tonnes of wheat to Egypt.
  • Cyber security & IT
  • Healthcare
  • Culture
  • Youth matters and Broadcasting


Thus better relation with Egypt is line with our look west policy.Engagement with Egypt will help us In challenging environmental issues , terrorism and security concern.It is beneficial for both the developing nation in terms of better economic corporation, trade relation , infrastructure development and energy concern. In this regard, the relations hold a lot of promise as both nations will immensely benefit from improved trade and a more stable Middle East.