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Daily & Weekly Plan for SUPER OGP 2024 at DELHI: An Intensive Integrated Foundation Program with Focus on Revision & Practice for UPSC CSE 2024




Dear Student,


We announced a new, unique and the first-of-its-kind program :SUPER OGP recently. It is an Integrated Foundation Course(OGP-Offline & Online Guidance Program) coupled with Integrated Revision & Prelims-cum-Mains Test Series(IRPM).


Starts on: 10th April 2023 (Offline in Delhi) and Online 





What your daily & weekly plan will look like in SUPER OGP 2024:


STUDYA Day before the class, we will give you syllabus to study. Syllabus will clearly mention which chapters to study from which sources. You must study and come to the class. Only this adherence to timetable would ensure success.
CLASSESNext day, the teacher will conduct the class on that particular syllabus that you have read. The class duration will be of 4 hours. Classes will be help between 4-8 PM.
PRACTICE through a test-based approach


Daily Prelims & Mains Tests

After the class for the day, there will be a prelims & mains test (5-10 MCQs + 1 Mains question) based on topics that you have studied the previous day & which have been taught in the class. This will be a home assignment.
DISCUSSION by the facultyOur teachers will discuss the test in the class the next day. This will quell your doubts and help you gain conceptual clarity.
REVISIONAfter the class , students should discuss and revise the day’s class for one hour in a group. This will be compulsory. This helps in building your personality, as well as your knowledge. It will also help you solve doubts amongst your peers.
STUDY GROUPSGroups will be formed based on common optional subjects. This will help you manage optional preparation well.
STUDY for the next dayAfter group discussion, you will proceed to reading rooms/Libraries/your accommodation to prepare for the next class and tests.


We will conduct Current Affairs Classes on a weekly basis every Saturday.

Note: They may be conducted LIVE(Offline), live-streamed or you may be provided with recorded classes.

SECURE Notes will be given every Saturday

Guaranteed Review of 2 SECURE Answers daily on InstaCourses Portal

We will provide value-added material from our Mains Answer-Writing initiative: SECURE on a weekly basis. This will contain facts, data, infographics, etc., which will be useful for the Mains exam and for your revision.

Additionally, you will write a minimum of 2 answers from our SECURE initiative on a daily basis. We will evaluate the 2 answers on our InstaCourses portal.

WEEKLY IRPM TESTS:  IRPM (Integrated Revision Prelims cum Mains) Tests every Sunday.


Full-length Prelims and Mains Tests following the EBS Approach


You will have a weekly full-length Prelims Revision Test (comprising 100 questions) and a weekly Mains Revision Test (for 250 marks) based on the topics studied for the week. There will be no classes on these days. This will give you ample time to prepare well.

The IRPM Full-length Tests will be conducted every week & after the syllabus for a particular subject is covered too.

They will be done in 3 iterations, following the EBS Approach, enabling you to revise the syllabus thrice!

These tests will be conducted on Sundays.

  • Essential tests will be conducted on topics covered in a week
  • Breakthrough Tests will be conducted after the completion of a subject
  • Simulation tests(prelims) will be conducted at the end(Please check timetable). For Mains, they will be conducted in 2 rounds post UPSC CSE Prelims 2024.
WEEKLY ESSAY TESTSEssay FLTs (duration: 3 hours) will be conducted on alternate Saturdays.

Note: Essay sessions/classes will be conducted by faculties and Vinay Sir. Schedule will be notified.

WEEKLY ETHICS TESTSEthics Tests (duration: 1 hour) will be conducted on alternate Saturdays after the Ethics syllabus has been completed. This will enable you to keep in touch with ethics throughout the program.
CURRENT AFFAIRS TESTSCA FLTs will be conducted after each subject is completed. They will be conducted on the Wednesdays after the Breakthrough Test for the relevant subject is done. (Please check the timetable).
STUDY BREAKSWe will give nearly a week’s break after each subject is completed. This will enable you to revise the subject fully and give a BREAKTHROUGH IRPM test on Sunday.



  • This program is designed in such a way that preparation for the Prelims Exam and Mains answer writing are integrated without causing you any confusion. As classes will be based on Prelims and Mains syllabus and important issues of the day, your prelims and mains preparation will be streamlined. Things you study for prelims will be useful in writing and practising Mains answers in class.
  • Optional Preparation: We will conduct strategy sessions in the class on the very first day on how to manage Optional and Test Topics in addition to current affairs.
  • This approach will be more productive and instils confidence in you. A class+ group discussion+ test + test discussion+ will seal that day’s topic in your memory for long duration.



Other Components of the SUPER OGP:

Comprehensive Coverage of the SyllabiSUPER OGP Classes comprehensively cover the entire Syllabus (GS + CSAT) with ETHICS and ESSAY integrated into the timetable. Current Affairs classes will also be conducted on a weekly basis.
Structured Classes by Renowned FacultiesSubject-wise teaching, comprising classes for every subject covering the entire syllabus from scratch for Prelims and Mains.

Most promising faculty & mentors will be your constant companions.

Our professional team will work efficiently to do justice to timetable and your expectations

Unique TimetableA holistic timetable that includes classes, deliberate practice through tests and revision.
Disciplined PracticePractice what you learn every day through
  • Daily Revision Tests for Prelims & Mains
  • Weekly Revision Tests for Prelims & Mains
  • Full-Length Prelims and Mains tests
Doubts clearance sessions by Faculties, Mentors & Peers Doubts are addressed at three levels:
    • During the Live Class
    • Doubts after watching the Recorded Class
    • During Mentorship sessions/Group Discussions with Peers
Test-Based Approach:

Retain what you read!

There will be nearly 100+ tests as a part of OGP – small and large, prelims and mains – during the course of this Guidance program (Between April 2023 to April 2024).

1.     36 ESSENTIAL TESTS each for Prelims & Mains (Total:72)

2.     16 BREAKTHROUGH TESTS each for Prelims & Mains (Total:32)

3.     8 Simulation Tests for Prelims

4.     12 Simulation Tests for Mains

5.     26 Essay Tests

6.     17 Ethics Tests

7.     13 Current Affairs FLTs

8.     Daily Prelims & Mains Tests

Time-Bound & Holistic Evaluation based on UPSC StandardsMains answer scripts will be evaluated by the expert team at Insights IAS. Evaluation will be based on comprehensive parameters to ensure a consistent improvement in score.

Our quality evaluation will effectively scrutinize the flaws in your answer writing in a holistic way. Our diverse parameters of scrutiny for GS, ESSAY & Ethics papers are shown below this table.

High-Quality Synopsis will be provided for all TestsDetailed, well-researched synopsis will be made available for all the tests. Hardcopy of synopsis will be provided for students writing tests in the offline mode on the scheduled date.
Discussion videos will be available on the Instacourses PortalQuestions paper & Solutions discussion videos will be provided in the online portal
Access to our InstaCourses Portal OnlineCheck the Prelims-specific features HERE

Check the Mains-Specific Features HERE

Value Added Materials


Class Notes, handouts & the PRIME Magazine
Performance Monitoring through Personalized one-on-one mentorshipOne-on-one guidance and one-on-one feedback by our expert team.

Your performances in Prelims and Full-Length Mains Revision Tests will be closely monitored by our expert team of mentors and faculties.

Guidance over ZOOM SESSIONS every 15 daysTo keep you on track, we’ll conduct Zoom sessions every 15 days led by Vinay Sir and subject experts. These sessions will allow us to monitor your progress, address difficulties, and provide feedback.
Personality test preparation


FREE Interview Guidance and FREE Mock Interviews by Vinay Sir. Includes: multiple mock interviews, video recordings of mock interviews, personalized feedback, and group discussions
Success & Mindset Coach


We have a full-time Success & Mindset coach, Mrs. Arati Patil who has been relentlessly working with our students, ensuring better mental health to endure this arduous journey of Civil Services preparation.
Bonus offer: FREE Mains Test Series: I-WILL 2024 if you pay the FULL fees of SUPER OGP 2024



Criteria for Admission

We will only be admitting a limited number of candidates since seats are limited and we want to ensure personalized attention for each student. We understand that selecting the right candidates for our program is a crucial step towards achieving success. We have carefully considered the concerns of our potential applicants and have come up with a fair and level playing method for admission since seats are limited.

The selection process will be rigorous but fair. We will ask you to fill up an application form where we will assess your seriousness towards the program. The questions will not only require factual answers, but also your original opinion on certain issues. You will also have to answer questions about  why you want to become a civil servant. We believe that honesty is the best policy and we expect nothing less from our applicants.

Based on your responses, we will shortlist candidates and invite them for a call. During the call, we will assess your commitment and passion towards this program. Finally, based on your overall performance, we will select the final candidates and invite them to join our program.

We understand that this may be a daunting process, but we assure you that this is the best way to select the right candidates for our program. We are looking for aspirants who are willing to put in the hard work, learn from their mistakes, and ultimately achieve their dream of becoming an officer. We hope to see you among our selected candidates.


Dates regarding SUPER OGP at Delhi for UPSC CSE – 2024


  • March 17– Online Detailed Application Form for Admission was  released. Please fill it HERE
  • Our team will begin calling shortlisted aspirants.
  • Admissions are through this formal process only– there will be no lateral entry or admission through influence.
  • March 25nd Mails will be sent to Aspirants selected in the First List. You will have 48 hours from the time you receive the email to confirm your seat. If left unconfirmed, we will give the opportunity to another student.) Subscription and payment links will be emailed to you directly.
  • April 1st – Confirmation mails will be sent to aspirants selected in the Second List
  • April 5th– Confirmation emails will be sent to aspirants selected in the Final List
  • April 10th –Insights IAS SUPER OGP for UPSC CSE 2024 begins at Delhi



It is kept low and affordable in comparison to the other steeply priced programs in the market. Please remember that this program combines a full-fledged Integrated Foundation Program: OGP (Offline and Online Guidance Program) and an Integrated-Revision Prelims-cum-Mains Test Series (IRPM).


Fee for SUPER OGP in the Offline Mode: Rs. 1,35,000/- incl. taxes

Fee for SUPER OGP in the Online Mode: Rs. 1,35,000/- incl. taxes

Early bird discount: 10% valid till April 5th,2023


What matters is your success – for you and us. Merely joining the program will not make you clear the exam. We will provide all the resources and support possible. But it is up to you- how resourceful you are & how well you choose to utilize our services and guidance. We want you to join our Insights IAS family ONLY if you are 100% committed to your goals. We want dedicated individuals who are willing to work hard. Insights IAS will be your faithful companion till your last step in this marathon journey. Our professional team will work efficiently to do justice to the timetable and your expectations. Join this program only if you are determined to get a top rank (Rank 1 too!)


“There is only 1 way to bridge the perceived gap between a person and his/her/their greatest dreams, and that is TO BEGIN!”- Richie Norton


Take the first step; make a decision that will change the trajectory of your life! Join us and work smartly to fulfil your dream. We eagerly look forward to welcoming you onboard as our student soon.  Come visit us, your dream is worth pursuing.

This program is designed to enhance your own role in scripting your success story. Though your teacher will help you with concepts, it will be YOUR untiring work & dedication that will ensure success. This program intends to ensure that you work with single-minded focus in the right direction. 

SUPER OGP 2024 starts on: 10th April, 2023 

Mode: Offline mode at Delhi and  you may join it online too from any location.




Fee for SUPER OGP in the Offline Mode at Delhi: Rs. 1,35,000/- incl. taxes

Fee for SUPER OGP in the Online Mode: Rs. 1,35,000/- incl. taxes

Early bird discount: 10% valid till April 5th,2023


Terms and conditions:

  • Fees once paid is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Insights IAS reserves all the rights to make any changes to the schedule of the program
  • At any point of time, subscription will not carry forward to the next year even if the subscriber doesn’t attend a single class or write a single test under the subscribed package.
  • Course is Valid till MAINS 2024 (Prelims tests are valid till Prelims 2024)


For any queries contact,


Phone no.: 08069405205


Delhi Branch Address: 

B-10, Third Floor, Bada Bazar Rd, Old Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110060


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