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[Talk at IIT-Delhi by Vinay Sir] UPSC Civil Services Exam: Is it really uncertain or is there a clear and certain Roadmap to crack it?



The UPSC Civil Services Exam is considered as one of the toughest exams in the world. Is it really uncertain or is there a clear & certain roadmap to crack it?

To answer this question, we’re delighted to announce a powerful talk by the Founder of Insights IAS: Mr. Vinay Kumar GB at IIT-Delhi today at Dogra Hall between 5-6 PM.

Vinay Kumar GB is a simple man from humble beginnings who has made a significant impact on the lives of aspiring civil servants. Through his unwavering determination to challenge the status quo, he took a small step that has since grown into a force for change. He started a blog, , over a decade ago which has now become one of the top websites for those preparing for the UPSC exam. His tireless efforts have helped thousands of students achieve their dreams.

Insights IAS was founded by Vinay Sir with a mission to democratize access to resources and empower UPSC CSE aspirants regardless of their location or economic background. We aim to cultivate individuals who will be assets to society and our nation.

In 2022, over 180 students from Insights IAS got top ranks in the UPSC Civil Services Exam, with 38 ranks in the top 100. They take pride in the success of their students and continue to strive for excellence in empowering future civil servants.

Don’t miss out on listening to an inspiring man & his powerful ideas – which are sure to ignite your imaginations! Drop by if you are there!