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India-Germany Relations

GS Paper 2

 Syllabus: Bilateral Relations


Source: IE 

Context: India and Germany will enhance cooperation on innovation and technology.

  • Recently, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz came to India on a bilateral visit.


India- Germany cooperation aims at benefiting humanity and is firmly guided by their shared democratic values and respect


Various dimensions of India-Germany Relations:

PoliticalCooperation in political and diplomatic matters·         The G4 nations (Brazil, Germany, India, and Japan) support each other’s bids for permanent seats on the United Nations Security Council
EconomicTrade, investment, and economic cooperation·         The total bilateral trade between the two countries stood at over US$24 billion (2021)

·         Germany has a Bilateral Trade and Investment Agreement (BTIA) with India via the EU

Scientific and TechnologicalCooperation in science, technology, and innovation·         Max Planck-India Mobility Grants

·         Indo-German Science & Technology Centre

·         Triangular Development Cooperation: It represents development projects in third countries by India and Germany

Cultural and EducationalExchange of cultural and educational resources·         India and Germany signed a Comprehensive Partnership on Migration and Mobility meant to ease travel for research, study and work for people in both countries
DefenceCooperation in defence and security·         India and Germany have cooperated in areas such as defence technology, maritime security, and peacekeeping operations.

·         Joint naval exercises: The first ever Franco-Indian-German military exercise is expected to take place in 2024

·         Germany’s 2020 Indo-Pacific guidelines have identified India as one of its most important partners in the region.

·         Germany has come on board with the Indo-Pacific Oceans Initiative (IPOI)

EnvironmentalCooperation in environmental and sustainability issues·         India-Germany Solar Partnership

·         Green Urban Mobility Scheme

·         Green and Sustainable Development Partnership (GSDP): Germany to provide Euro 10 billion to India till 2030 to support Green growth

·         Indo-German Science and Technology Centre

·         Indo-German Green Hydrogen Task Force was constituted in 2022.

·         Germany cooperates with India to the tune of 1.3 billion Euros a year in development projects (90% of which serves the purpose of fighting climate change)



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India-Germany Relations


Mains Links

Ties between India and Germany have the potential to work together but they should overcome disagreements on global issues. Comment. (250 Marks)


Prelims Links (UPSC 2017)

‘Broad-based Trade and Investment Agreement (BTIA)’ is sometimes seen in the news in the context of negotiations held between India and


(a) European Union
(b) Gulf Cooperation Council
(c) Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
(d) Shanghai Cooperation Organization


Ans: (a)