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How is the government ramping up border infrastructure?

GS Paper 3

Syllabus: Security Challenges and their Management in Border Areas


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Context: According to India’s External Affairs Minister, the government’s recent border infrastructure projects focus on the north and east along India’s 3,488 km border with China (or LAC).



  • Reports claim that Indian forces have lost access to 26 of 65 patrolling points along the LAC since 2020.
  • The timing is crucial because of the upcoming meetings of the G-20 Foreign Ministers and the Foreign Ministers of the SCO


About the projects:

  • Ramping up infrastructure in Ladakh, HP, UK, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh.
    • Many of these projects which have been in the pipeline for several decades have been expedited.
    • For example, the length of roads constructed in the China border areas (6,806 km between 2014 to 2022) is almost double the length constructed from 2008-2014.
  • Projects connecting India to “friendly” neighbouring states such as Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal and Myanmar.
    • Improving cross-border connectivity via highways, bridges, inland waterways, railroads, electricity lines and fuel pipelines.
    • Modernising and constructing integrated check posts (ICPs) at all the border crossings to smooth trade.
    • Funding and constructing infrastructure projects. For example,


Need for ramping up the border infrastructure:

  • Strategic reasons: Successive skirmishes with the Chinese PLA in Chumar in 2014, Doklam in 2017, and the Galwan clashes in 2020.
  • Border preparedness: To update the quality of structures, the technology involved and their maintenance.


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