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[Announcement]: Content will be posted on the new website first!


Dear Students,

We unveiled the new User Interface of our website 4 days ago. Visit the new website here:

Team Insights IAS is grateful for your continued love & support. We received several emails & messages with positive feedback on the new UI.

We understand that it takes some time to adapt to change. Since its inception, Insights IAS has tried to simplify IAS Exam preparation for you all & the new UI is another step forward in that direction.

Thus, to ensure a smooth transition to the new UI & to give you all an opportunity to use it & put forth your value suggestions for improving upon it further, today onwards, we will be posting content on the new UI first.

Please note: We will be switching the url of the new UI to the original url( on Monday. Till then, the new UI will be available here:

Also, the comment sections from the old UI will not be erased. All comments & data will be migrated.

Furthermore, Night Mode will be enabled on the new UI soon.

We would love to hear about your experience while using the new UI. Please take a minute to provide your valuable feedback, constructive criticism & suggestions for further improvement of the UI here:


Feedback Form for the new UI of our Website


Thank you!