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[Trailer] A Little More Light with Shri. Siddaramaiah, Ex-Chief Minister of Karnataka & Leader of Opposition, Karnataka State Legislative Assembly



Hello Dear Students,

We are back with the trailer of a very interesting episode of our podcast initiative- a little more light with Shri. Siddaramaiah , former Chief Minister of Karnataka & Leader of Opposition, Karnataka State Legislative assembly.

Every tall figure, will once have gone through a phase of struggle to reach the heights they are currently in. The journey of sir is inspirational. Being the first graduate in his family, he thrusted from the throes of poverty to politics.

Through this episode, let us listen to his story, how did his first-hand experience in trials and tribulations of poverty help him grow in politics, his vision as a political leader, how he carved his path and shaped his way, handling uncertainties in every sphere.

We hope he will be an inspiration to all who have been dubious and distressed about not being affluent and backed up strong and sound. If one is determined, the opportunities flow. You just need to grab them.

Write to us at with your feedback.

Thank you!


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