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[Podcast] [Episode-14] From Ajjampura to Argentina! Life as an Indian Foreign Service Officer with Mr. Santhosha


Hello Dear Students!

We are excited to release an inspiring episode of our podcast : A Little More Light. What makes this episode super special is not just the fact that we have an IFS(Indian Foreign Service) Officer with us today, but that Mr. Santhosha H is hearing-impaired and a PH candidate, who hails from a very humble background and yet he defied all odds to achieve his goals and dreams in life.

He is the son of daily-wage labourers and cleared the exam on his 2nd attempt through self-study.

This wonderful episode is sure to brighten up the dreary, cold winter days with warmth and light. This episode will showcase an exemplary aspirant who persevered despite all obstacles that came his way.

We hope that it spreads a little more light in your life, ignites imagination and inspires noble actions.

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