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Need to upgrade sports infra in villages for podium finishes

GS Paper 2

Syllabus: Government policies and interventions for development in various sectors and issues arising out of their design and implementation


Source: IE

 Context: Recently, during a Parliamentary discussion on promotion of sports in India, MPs raised the issue of limited spending on sports, inadequate infrastructure and inclusivity.



  • Sports being a ‘State’ subject, the responsibility for development of sports, including opening sports schools, rests with the State/ UT governments.
  • India’s poor performance at international sporting events such as the Olympics, as evidenced by the country’s low medal record, is cause for concern.


Issues faced by the Indian sports sector:

  • Inadequate funding: Though India is a 3.5-trillion economy, it spent just Rs 11,482.77 crore (in the last 5 years) for the development of sports.
  • Inadequate infrastructure: Low number of sports academies, stadiums and equipment.
  • Rural-urban gap: Most of the facilities are concentrated in urban India.
  • Lack of inclusivity in sports: In terms of economic, class, caste and gender.


Way ahead:

  • There is a need to support talent from the villages.
  • Mega events and sports in the urban and the practising academies should be concentrated in villages.
  • Making sports mandatory in schools and schools must have a sports ground and a sports teacher.
  • Inviting CSR funding and Public Private Partnerships in Indian sports.
  • Ensuring more participation of children, women, and trans-sportspersons.

Related news: The scheme of National Centre of Sports Science and Research (NCSSR)

 Source: PIB 

Context: The scheme of NCSSR being implemented by the Union Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, aims to support high level research education and innovation in respect of high performance of elite athletes.


About the scheme:

●       It is implemented through the Sports Authority of India (SAI) – an Autonomous Body under the Ministry and selected universities/institutes/medical colleges in the country.

●       Under the scheme, medical care and management as well as rehabilitation of injuries of athletes at the SAI National Centre of Excellence (NCOE) and Target Olympic Podium Scheme (TOPS) is undertaken.


Other schemes to promote sports in India: 

  1. Fit India Movement: Launched in 2019, the movement’s goal is to influence people’s behaviours and encourage them to live more physically active lifestyles.
  2. Khelo India 2020 program: The government would train the athletes and their coaches to improve their performance on the world stage (Olympics).
  3. Target Olympic Podium Scheme (TOPS): Its goal is to find, develop and prepare future medal contenders for the Olympic and Paralympic Games.
  4. The National Sports Development Fund (NSDF): It gives athletes opportunities to train with renowned international coaches, technical, scientific support.
  5. Mission Olympics 2024: To assist India in winning 50 medals in the 2024 summer Olympics, NITI Aayog has developed a short- and medium-term action plan.


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