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[Reminder ] Scholarship Test for OGP 2024 (Offline & Online Guidance Program) –Batch 1 at Bengaluru & Delhi: a full-fledged integrated classroom training program for UPSC CSE – scheduled for tomorrow(20th Nov. 2022)






“I am an OGP 2021 student. Insights IAS & Vinay Sir played a significant role in my success. When I entered preparation I had no clue, but at Insights IAS- the institute gives you enough resources, if you use them wisely & strategically you can clear the exam. Vinay Sir’s guidance for the  Essay Paper, in which I scored good marks, was very good. His  interview guidance also helped me improve my communication skills.” Avinash (AIR-31 in UPSC CSE 2021, OGP 2021 student)


“I must place on record my most sincere gratitude to the entire InsightsIAS team, particularly Mr. Vinay Kumar who had been a true bedrock of support. He was extremely patient and would review my writing with feedback on improvements. Without his guidance, and others at InsightsIAS like Mr. Sudeep Kumar, I doubt I would have managed to clear the exam.”– Jeydev CS (AIR-5 2019, OGP Student)


Hello Dear Student!

Welcome to InsightsIAS- an institute that has become a pioneer in the realm of UPSC CSE Preparation with its path-breaking initiatives.  InsightsIAS was founded by Mr. Vinay Kumar GB with the noble intention of providing accessible, inclusive & quality guidance to every single aspirant. His motto is to mold students into well-rounded personalities, who will contribute to society and serve the nation. He has ensured that the institution is built on a strong foundation of values and oriented towards results.

Today, we present to you our most awaited offering for freshers & veterans alike – the OGP(Offline & Online Guidance Program) for those writing UPSC CSE 2024.

The Civil services examination is considered to be a tough nut to crack. Lakhs of candidates appear for the prelims exam, a few thousand (around 9-11k) write mains, and a few hundred clear the interview stage. But let’s not waste time thinking about our chances of clearing this coveted exam. Instead, let’s focus on HOW TO CLEAR each stage.

There is a common thread that binds most successful aspirants- SYSTEMATIC PRACTICE, the RIGHT GUIDANCE, and HARD WORK. Having guided several hundreds of toppers successfully for nearly a decade((Nandini KR AIR-1, Jeydev CS AIR-5, Avinash AIR-31: click on the names to read their reviews of InsightsIAS), we have understood the demands of this rigorous exam and devised several initiatives that will empower an aspirant to crack the exam easily, provided they put in the required efforts consistently.

To all those embarking on this journey for the very first time: the UPSC CSE is conducted in three phases – Preliminary, Mains, and Interview. Each stage differs in the approach needed to tackle it successfully. This exam requires the right strategy to clear it at the earliest; It is not merely about your brilliance or memory power. We have seen many talented individuals- fritter away their attempts due to a lack of the right guidance and strategy. The huge competition coupled with the vastness of the syllabus, makes it challenging for an aspirant (especially a fresher) to adopt the right strategy for the exam.



Abraham Lincoln  said, “If I had five minutes to chop down a tree, I’d spend the first three sharpening my axe.”

Undoubtedly, every serious aspirant spends a lot of time studying but often fails to find a program that aids in sharpening their preparation (AXE) that has the potential to give them commensurate returns. The OGP 2024 will help you sharpen your axe to achieve your goal at the earliest.

To fulfill your goal of clearing the exam, we have designed a Holistic and Intensive Classroom program. It is a full-fledged program for UPSC CSE (Prelims + Mains + Interview) which keeps you occupied for 12-15 months.

Our entire strategy for the classroom program is driven by the unique EQUIP strategy.

E – Explanation of Basic Concepts by faculties

Q – Quest: A mini test comprising of MCQs and Mains Question- to help you apply the acquired knowledge

U – UnderstandThe best form of understanding will be to internalize knowledge gained and enhance retention through test discussions after every class

I – InteractReal-time interaction with teachers contributes to qualitative learning with instant clearance of doubts

P – Perform:  Taking tests once every week and fortnight becomes a part of your routine, preparing you to perform well in every test


Highlights of the Program:

  1. Personal Mentorship: Personalised one-on-one mentorship will be provided by experts. They will track your progress and provide the right guidance
  2. Provides personalized learning: Establishes a strong foundation of basics, achieves conceptual clarity, and builds on it by inculcating analytical skills.
  3. Unique Timetable:A holistic timetable & a flexible model of teaching suitable for working professionals as well as students.
  4. Comprehensive Coverage: OGP Classescomprehensively cover the entire Syllabus (GS + CSAT) with ETHICS and ESSAY integrated into the timetable.
  5. Structured ClassesSubject-wise teaching, comprising classes for every subject covering the entire syllabus from scratch for Prelims and Mains.
  6. Disciplined Practice: Practice what you learn every day through
    1. Daily Revision Tests for Prelims & Mains
    2. Weekly Revision Tests for Prelims & Mains
    3. Full-Length Prelims and Mains tests after the completion of every subject
  7. All India Prelims Test Series: Free access to our flagship prelims test series with the widest post-test analysis will be provided
  8. Evaluation of answers for Mains: Will be based on comprehensive parameters to ensure a consistent improvement in score
  9. Doubts clearance sessions with faculties. Doubts are addressed at three levels:
    • Doubts During Live Class
    • Doubts after watching Recorded Class
    • Doubts/discussion among peers anytime
  1. Flexibility: Classes will be conducted Online and/or Offline.Offline students will also have access to online LIVE/Recorded classes. You can utilize this facility if you are not able to attend classes offline.
  2. Online Facilities: Online students will get ALL the facilities that are being offered in Offline mode, to make their preparation holistic and hassle-free even in the comfort of their homes/offices with our InstaCourses Portal.
  3. Current Affairs: Weekly Current Affairs Classes along with daily current affairs materialwill give you a broader perspective and analyses of all important current events
  4. Lecture Series: We take pride in starting a unique initiative- LECTURE SERIES of Special Classes on Subjects by Retired officers and specialistsin their respective fields.
  5. Value Added Materials: Class Notes, handouts, INSTA 30, & the PRIME Magazine
  6. Most promising faculty & mentors will be your constant companions
  7. Personality test preparation:Multiple Mock Interviews, video recordings of mock interviews, personalized feedback, and group discussions
  8. Success & Mindset Coach: To build better mental, we have a full-time Success & Mindset coach, Mrs. Arati Patilwho has been relentlessly working with our students, ensuring better mental health to endure this arduous journeyof Civil Services preparation.
  9. Ignite@InsightsIAS is a successful program that provides an opportunity for students to meet the stalwarts of our nation; whose experience, exemplary achievements, and wisdom serve as a beacon of inspiration. Talks are held periodically to help you broaden your horizons & thinking.


Features that You will Use in InstaClasses Online Portal:

(All Images are for representative purpose)


InstaClasses Course Dashboard:


  • Staying Disciplined is of utmost importance for UPSC CSE Preparation. You need to keep track of your studies and not miss anything. Your Course Dashboard helps you with this. It displays the overall stats of your progress in the class. It nudges you to stay Up-To-Date by acting as a reminder for Tests, Recorded Classes to be watched for online students, upcoming Live Classes for online students, Latest Updates once you start taking Prelims and Mains Tests, your progress stats concerning scores, performance, and other analysis will also appear in this Course Dashboard.
  • All Classes are arranged systematically Subject wise (In the sample screenshot, we have loaded only one subject-wise for representative purposes). On clicking Take Class under the respective subjects.

You can either watch the Live Class scheduled or watch the Recorded Class Later(Online class students)

-Prelims and Mains Tests for each topic/class will be provided on the same day. After the Class, you can write the Prelims test and Mains tests.

-Your Prelims scores, Analytics of your performance, and Mains Answers will be automatically made available to your mentor so that your mentor can personally guide you on how to improve your scores.


Classes Subjects Listing


Classes – Live + Recorded


Recorded Class 

In Every Class, either LIVE / Recorded, you will be given the gist of the class and also the Materials to Download


Doubts Corner:

Doubts are addressed at three levels:

    1. Doubts During Live Class
    2. Doubts after watching Recorded Class
    3. Doubts/discussion among peers anytime

In Live Classes, Doubts can be asked during the class itself in the Q&A session or through Live Chat Box. Faculty will answer the doubts in the classes during the doubts clearance session. However, we have also enabled the Doubts Corner for those students who watch Recorded Class. Doubts can be posted and faculty will reply you via mail. Apart from these you can also post doubts in the DisQus Comments space provided. This will also help you to discuss doubts among your friends.


Class Feedback:

Feedback is INDEED VERY IMPORTANT for us. It helps us know the expectations of students and also improve further. You can give feedback after every class


Overall Performance:

Detailed Cumulative Performance analysis of all tests taken by you is made available with different infographics. The widest analytics will help you know your strengths and weaknesses, where to concentrate, how to proceed further.




Each student is assigned a mentor – a personal guide to help you throughout. You can reach your mentor (both Online & Offline students) at any point of time by just booking a slot and get all your doubts cleared, get your answers and essays evaluated personally, learn strategies, seek help to follow a self-study timetable. Your mentor will be ready to help you anytime.

You can track your mentorship sessions with queries asked, suggestions received, improvement after incorporating suggestions given by mentor etc

Process to book slots for mentorship will be made available to you after enrolment.


Success & Mindset Coach:

Mrs Arati Patil, a full time Success & Mindset coach, NLP Coach, Psychotherapist who has vast experience in this field will be with you to help you throughout your association with InsightsIAS. Your well-being and mental health is important.You can book slots to avail the sessions with the Life Coach.

The process to book slots for Success & Mindset Coach will be made available to you after enrolment.


Our promising and result-oriented faculties, mentors, and content team work round the clock to deliver the best quality content for you. Our student-friendly management and staff will always be at your service with a smile.

What matters is your success – for you and us. Merely joining the OGP will not make you clear the exam. We will provide all the resources and support possible. But it is up to you- how resourceful you are & how well you choose to utilize our services and guidance. We want you to join our InsightsIAS family ONLY if you are 100% committed to your goals. We want dedicated individuals who are willing to work hard. InsightsIAS will be your faithful companion till your last step in this marathon journey, we promise.


OPTIONAL CLASSES are also available: Anthropology, Kannada Literature, PSIR, Public Administration, Geography, and Sociology. ( Fees for Optional classes are not included under OGP fees )

We eagerly look forward to welcoming you onboard as our student soon.  Come visit us, your dream is worth pursuing.



Scholarship Details:

To encourage the potential candidates avail scholarship, we are conducting a Scholarship Test on 20th Nov. 2022

Scholarship Test Details:

Date: 20th Nov. 2022

Mode : Online & Offline(Bengaluru & Delhi Centres)

Type : MCQs (100Qs)

Marks per Question: 2marks

Negative Marking: 0.67 marks

Duration : 1 hour for Online mode (2pm to 3pm)

2 hours for Offline mode(2pm to 4pm)


Take Aways:

    • Top 10 ranks: 25% discount
    • Ranks 11-15: 15% discount
    • Specially-abled & transgender candidates : 20% discount




Course Subscription Details :

OGP 2024 Batch 1 (Bengaluru Centre & Delhi Centre):

Starts from :January 2023

Fee: Online Classes : Rs. 120000/- incl. taxes

Offline Classes : Rs. 135000/- incl. taxes


For any queries contact,

mail :

Contact: 08069405205 (toll free)

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