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[Podcast][Episode-12]In the Spotlight:Identity | Dealing with ‘Beta, life mein kya kar rahe ho?’ during #UPSC Prep| A Little More Light



Hello Dear Students!

‘Aur Beta, aajkal life mein kya kar rahe ho?’[“What are you up to in life nowadays?”] Do you feel embarrassed when faced with this question at family gatherings or functions? Especially when you have faced multiple setbacks in your #upsc CSE attempts? Do you find that you call yourself a ‘failure’ or ‘unemployed’? Do you avoid going out and meeting people to avoid such awkward interactions?

This week, the question In the Spotlight is: ‘From where should we derive our identity?

Life as a UPSC aspirant is not easy. Apart from the exam stress, one has to deal with an identity crisis and societal taunts. Usually, we tend to identify ourselves in relation to external things like a job or designation; but as a UPSC aspirant who has failed several times- how must we identify ourselves? Should we keep seeking external validation or is the answer to look inwards?

How does one resolve this? Watch the episode of our #podcast : #ALittleMoreLight , to find out how one must conquer such insecurities and boldly navigate such dilemmas.

We hope that each episode of our podcast spreads a little more light in your life!

Write to us at with your feedback or dilemmas! We will address them in future episodes.

Until next time!

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