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[MISSION 2023] Mini Secure Revision Test: 5 November 2022


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Answer the following questions in 150 words:

General Studies – 1


1. Patriarchy continues to affect the lives of women by impacting their health and social outcomes through various factors like discriminatory values, norms, beliefs and practices. Comment.

Reference: Down to Earth

General Studies – 2


2. Critically examine the performance of Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA), 2005. What are the various issues that need addressing to improve the performance of MGNREGA?

Reference: The HinduInsights on India


3. Discuss the importance of Black Sea Grain Initiative. Do you think this can prevent escalating global food prices emanating from supply chain disruptions?

Reference: The Hindu

General Studies – 3


4. The wildlife sanctuaries and national parks faces serious threat of habitat loss and fragmentation due to developmental projects and encroachment. Examine.

Reference: Insights on India


5. What is climate change? How is climate change impacting India? Evaluate India’s efforts at mitigating the effects of climate change.

Reference: Insights on India


Answer the following questions in 250 words(15 marks each):

General Studies – 1


6. Discuss the contributions of Self-Employed Women’s Association (SEWA) as a meeting point for poor, Indian women who are regularly marginalized across rural landscapes and isolated to urban slums and bringing together women across castes and class who share experiences of labour exploitation.

Reference: The HinduInsights on India

General Studies – 2


7. The uniform civil code (UCC) aims to provide protection to vulnerable sections as envisaged by Ambedkar including women and religious minorities, while also promoting nationalistic fervour through unity. Critically Analyse.

Reference: Indian Express , Insights on India


8. Critically analyse the provisions of the draft Indian Telecommunications 2022 bill, which aims to address the issues in the telecom sector and improve the ease of doing business in the digital ecosystem, promoting innovation, and incentivising investments.

Reference: Indian ExpressInsights on India

General Studies – 3


9. The decision to remove the unscientific ban on Genetically Modified (GM) crops reflects the determination of the government to move towards Atmanirbhar Bharat. It also meets the aspirations of our scientific community and farmers can derive the benefits of innovative technology. Critically analyse.

Reference: Indian Express


10. The growing interlinkages between terrorist groups, cross-border operations, including financing networks, and the exploitation of modern technologies makes terrorism a complex and a global problem which needs concrete and collaborative steps towards eliminating it. Discuss.

Reference: The Hindu Insights on India

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