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[Podcast][Motivation] : Diwali Special- A Little More Light | ‘I lived in a 1-room cowshed & didn’t mind becoming a shepherd’- Vinay Sir | UPSC | Insights IAS



Hello Dear Students!


Learn how Sir transformed his life- from living in a 1-room cowshed filled with rodents, being content with becoming a cowherd, not conversing in English till his UPSC interview in 2010 to becoming the founder of Insights IAS.
Growth is possible – if one works hard & has faith in oneself.
This episode will help us learn about how to face hardships in life, the attitude one must maintain in tough situations & how to strike a balance in life.

Write to us at with your valuable feedback or with any questions that you’ll have! This podcast was started for you dear student, we hope that it is empowering you to face life and its uncertainties with calm boldness.

Always remember to turn on the light, the switch is in your hands…

Team Insights IAS wishes you a very happy and prosperous #Deepavali !
May your life be filled with lots of love and light.

Until next time!

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