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[Podcast][Motivation] : Diwali Special- A Little More Light | ‘I lived in a 1-room cowshed & didn’t mind becoming a shepherd’- Vinay Sir | UPSC | Insights IAS



Hello Dear Students!

On the auspicious occasion of the festival of lights- #Diwali , we are back to spread ‘A Little More Light’ in your life– with the highly awaited episode of our #podcast on the early life of the founder and director of Insights IAS: Mr. Vinay Kumar GB, or as he is fondly referred to by students: Vinay Sir.

Have you ever wondered who Sir was before becoming the founder of #InsightsIAS ? His early childhood life? His schooling? The circumstances that broke him, but re-shaped him and built him back better? Or have you wondered about his #UPSC journey and how he navigated that puzzle?
Well, stay tuned because we will be covering each aspect of Sir’s life in detail in future episodes.

These episodes are not about ‘Vinay Kumar GB’- the person but they are a repository of deep thoughts, ideas, and life lessons with enriching nuggets of wisdom and learnings for us! They are sure to spread A Little More Light in your life! Embrace these lessons, think deeply about what we are trying to convey through our podcasts, reflect, introspect and step out of the shadows of fear, regrets, doubts, and insecurities into a little more light.

This episode delves into details about Sir’s early life at a small village in Karnataka and explores the various facets of his schooling at JNV-Chitradurga! Studying at #JNV and being a #Navodayan was a life-changing experience for Sir. Tune in to hear about Sir’s growth story, his attitude toward hardships, and how he learned to strike a balance between ambition and contentment.

Write to us at with your valuable feedback or with any questions that you’ll have! This podcast was started for you dear student, we hope that it is empowering you to face life and its uncertainties with calm boldness.

Always remember to turn on the light, the switch is in your hands…

Team Insights IAS wishes you a very happy and prosperous #Deepavali !
May your life be filled with lots of love and light.

Until next time!

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