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A Little More Light|I lived in a cowshed,but I was content even then|Trailer|Podcast| Insights IAS|

Hello Dear Students!

We are back with the trailer of a highly awaited episode on the early life of the founder and director of Insights IAS: Mr. Vinay Kumar GB, or as he is fondly called by students: Vinay Sir. Have you ever wondered who Sir was before becoming the founder of Insights IAS? His early childhood life? His schooling? The circumstances that broke him, but re-shaped him and built him back better? Or have you wondered about his UPSC journey and how he navigated that puzzle?

Well, stay tuned because we will be covering each aspect of Sir’s life in detail in the future episodes. These episodes are a repository of life lessons with enriching nuggets of wisdom and learnings for us! They are sure to spread A Little More Light in your life!

We will release the episode on Sir’s early life at the village and schooling at JNV next week! Write to us at with your valuable feedback or with any questions that you’ll may have!



Until next time!