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The dream of a healthy nation

GS paper 2

Syllabus: Issues related to development of social sector relating to healthcare etc


Directions: Important for mains, you can use it as examples for attaining better healthcare

Source: Indian Express



  • The Covid-19 pandemic has shown the world our capability to handle mega problems.
    • The past 10 years especially, have seen rapid progress in the healthcare system.


India attained self sufficiency in:

  • PPE
  • Ventilators
  • Vaccines


Present global Challenges:

  • Climate change
  • Rising aspirations of people
  • Inequitable access to resource
  • Health(biggest challenge)


India particular challenges:

  • NCDs: Predicted to be the capital of non-communicable diseases, cancers and deaths due to trauma.
  • Inadequate health system: Huge population of 4(one point four) billion, juxtaposed against a relatively inadequate public health system


Challenges faced by medical education:

  • Mushrooming of medical, nursing and AYUSH colleges
  • Non-availability of dedicated faculty


How to overcome these challenges?

  • Using digital technology: To reach the unreached students quickly and effectively.
  • Align medical education to India’s healthcare needs: Through integrated courses
  • Creating a pool: Of paramedical and nursing personnel on priority.
  • Absorb the trained human resources: By providing adequate compensation.
  • The district residency programme: It can be expanded to provide district PG programmes with adjunct faculty from the public hospitals.
    • This will improve the quality of care and also meet the aspirations of the students.
  • Learning management systems (LMS): Under various universities can provide equitable opportunities to students across the country.
  • Collaborations with international universities: For twinning, joint degree or dual degree programmes.


Way Forward:

  • Collaboration: We need to collaborate and work together as a society and as a polity.
  • Integration: The silos of medical education in colleges, life science research in laboratories and public health in government hospitals will need to be integrated.
  • Policy of reserving most of the available funds: For life science research towards finding solutions for the health problems of the country.


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