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Hello Dear Students!

We are delighted to share that several questions- from the Essay paper & GS Papers  were directly from our Test Series initiative for UPPSC Mains. And NO, this article is not about “claiming” X questions came from our initiative. Instead, we want to enlighten you all about the benefits of following test series i.e., it allows one to quickly think, articulate & structure answers in the examination.

We have outlined the number of similar questions that appeared in our test series – MANZIL




UPPSCTopic 2) Women divided in double personality

Manzil: Women empowerment: aspirations and the ground realities( Manzil 2.0 test 5)



UPPSCTopic 2) Contribution of Agriculture in Indian Economy

Manzil: What would be the state of Indian agriculture in 2030?( Manzil 1.0 Test 1)



UPPSC:  Topic 3) Increasing regionalism and national unity

Manzil: Is unity in diversity a cultural myth in India( Manzil 1.0 test 1)


GS-1 Paper

UPPSC:  Q:7) What is ‘Heritage Arc’? Underline its importance in terms of promotion of tourism in Uttar Pradesh.

Manzil: Q: What are various steps taken by UP government to promote tourism in UP?( Manzil 1.0 Test 2)


UPPSC: Q:8) What is ‘ Smart City Mission’? Discuss the main characteristics of cities of eastern Uttar Pradesh selected under this mission.


  1. “India needs more smart villages than smart cities”. Examine the statement.( Manzil 2.0 Test 1)
  2. What are key features of the Smart City Mission launched by government of India. Critically examine the various issues facing its successful implementation.( Manzil 1.0 Test 6)


UPPSC: Q:16) Caste alliance emanate from secular and political factors and do not spring from primordial identities. Discuss.

Manzil: What are features of Indian caste system? Discuss recent changes in the caste system of India.( Manzil 1.0 Test 3)


UPPSC: Q:17) Describe the causes of origin, causes and weather associated with the tropical cyclones.

Manzil: Elaborate the various similarities and differences among Tropical cyclones and Temperate Cyclones.( Manzil 1.0 Test 3)


UPPSC: Q:19) Describe Earthquake Belts in India.

Manzil: Discuss various causes of earthquake. Write a note on earthquake waves and the Shadow Zones.( Manzil 1.0 test 3)


UPPSC: Q:20) Presenting the details of the folk songs of the  Purvanchal region of Uttar Pradesh, mention their features.


Write a note on folk music and dances of Uttar Pradesh.(Manzil 1.0 test 3)

Write a note on the folk music and folk dances of the Purvanchal region of Uttar Pradesh.(Manzil 2.0 Test 1)


GS-2 Paper


UPPSC: Q:2) What are fundamental causes of poverty and hunger? What are the government schemes which have been implemented to eradicate poverty and hunger?

Manzil: Enumerate the various steps taken by the government for Poverty Alleviation in India( Manzil 1.0 Test 5)

To tackle the challenges of hunger in India, our strategy must shift from food security to nutritional security. Elucidate.(Manzil 1.0 Test 5)


UPPSC: Q:5) Consider the functions and relations of the Chief minister and the Governor of states.

Manzil: Governor of state in India is the constitutional link between the centre and the state. Comment.( Manzil 1.0 Test 4)


UPPSC: Q:6) Critically examine the role of Finance Commission in Center-state financial relations.

Manzil: What were the Terms of Reference of 15th Finance Commission? Write its major recommendations.( Manzil 1.0 test 4)


UPPSC: Q:7)“ Lok Adalats have acted as a great catalyst for change in the Indian Legal System”. Elucidate.

Manzil: What is the meaning and types of ADRs (Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanisms). Discuss their significance and limitations.( Manzil 1.0 test 4)


UPPSC: Q:9) Discuss the causes of Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Manzil: The Ukrainian crisis that emerged due to Russian invasion of Ukraine poses significant challenges for India’s foreign policy. Discuss.( Manzil 1.0 Test 5)


UPPSC: Q:12) Describing the objectives of “Mission Shakti” program run by the government of Uttar Pradesh, tell us how far it has been successful in achieving its objectives.

Manzil: What are various schemes of Uttar Pradesh government for welfare of women.( Mission Shakti covered in detail in Synopsis as the umbrella scheme for women empowerment ).(Manzil 1.0 Test 5)


UPPSC: Q:13) Discuss the objectives and composition of NITI Ayog. What are its significant achievements?

Manzil: Critically examine whether NITI Ayog has emerged as a think tank of decentralized planning in Indian economy.(Manzil 1.0 Test 6)


UPPSC: Q: 14) Are the Committees considered useful for parliamentary work? Discuss in this context the role of ‘Estimate Committee’.

Manzil: Examine the role of Parliamentary Standing Committees with respect to its control over the Executive.(Manzil 1.0 test 4)

What are the functions and limitations of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC)?(Manzil 1.0 Test 12)


UPPSC: Q:17) Discuss the evolution and impact of the “ Basic Structure” doctrine of Indian Constituion.

Manzil: What is the doctrine of Basic Structure of the constitution? Why the Keshvanand Bharati case is considered as a landmark in the evolution of this doctrine?( Manzil 2.0 Test 12)


GS-3 Paper


UPPSC: Q:1) What do you understand by ‘digital agriculture’? Comment of its benefits.

Manzil: Discuss the role of e-technologies in achieving the target of doubling farmer’s income.( Manzil 1.0 test 6)


UPPSC: Q:3) Explain the pillars of the PM Gatishakti Yojana. Do you think it will create competitiveness and better connectivity?

Manzil: “The PM Gatishakti plan can provide the much needed push to growth of Infrastructure in Indian Economy”. Critically examine.( Manzil 1.0 Test 6)


UPPSC: Q:16) Define nanoscience and nanotechnology. Discuss in brief their potential in different fields of science and agriculture.

Manzil: What do you understand by nano technology? While highlighting the potential application of this technology in different fields also discuss various measures taken by Government for its promotion.(Manzil 1.0 Test 7)


UPPSC: Q:17) Discuss the issues related to IPR and how their violations can be checked.

Manzil: IPR can be a potent tool to spur economic growth and innovation ecosystem in our country’. In light of this statement examine various issues associated with IPR in India.(Manzil 2.0 Test 3)


UPPSC: Q:2) What is Supply Chain Management? Highlight its importance in context of Food Processing Industry in India.

Manzil:Food Processing sector in the country have immense potential but suffers from a number

of limitations”. Elucidate this statement and also suggest reforms.( Manzil 1.0 Test 7)


GS-4 Paper


UPPSC: Q:2) Explain the role of persuasion in handling public protests with proper arguments.

Manzil: Social influence and persuasion are fundamental functions of communication, in relevance to pubic services, discuss the significance of these values to a public servant’s life.( Manzil 1.0 test 14)


UPPSC: Q:4) What do you understand by Emotional Intelligence ? Discuss its dimensions.

Manzil: Do you agree that Emotional Intelligence contribute to the efficacy and efficiency of civil servants? Justify. If Yes, then suggest ways to incorporate emotional intelligence in civil servants.( Manzil 1.0 Test 9)


UPPSC: Q: What do you understand by ‘Voice of Conscience’? How does it help public servants in performing their duty.

Manzil: What do you understand by the following terms:

Voice of conscience (Manzil 1.0 test 14)

Discuss the relevance of the following as a source of ethical guidance :

  1. Laws
  2. Conscience(Manzil 1.0 Test 9)


UPPSC: Q: Differentiate between Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct.

Manzil: How Code of Ethics is different from Code of Conduct in public services? Which one (or both) is more relevant in your opinion for good governance in India?( Manzil 1.0 Test 9)


UPPSC: Q:What do you understand by Social Influence? How Social Influence and Persuasion can bring about behavioural change?

Manzil: Social influence and persuasion are fundamental functions of communication, in relevance to pubic services, discuss the significance of these values to a public servant’s life(Manzil 1.0 test 9)


UPPSC: Q: What are basic requirements of Compassion? What is the need of compassion for weaker sections in civil services?

Manzil: Can Objectivity and Compassion go together? Analyse. (Manzil 1.0 Test 8)


UPPSC: Q: RTI Act is not only about citizen empowerment but it essentially redefines the concept of accountability. Discuss.


What are the various ethical issues related to transparency and accountability in government?

Discuss with special reference to the Right to Information Act 2005. (Manzil 1.0 Test 9)


UPPSC: Q: Explain with suitable examples the ethical issues in corporate governance.


Ethical Corporate Governance helps in growing the reputation of a company making it more

profitable and sustainable. Analyze. (Manzil 1.0 Test 9)


UPPSC: Q: What steps should be taken according to you to prevent corruption in society.Explain.


There is alarming rise in cases of bureaucrats getting involved in corruption. What has

legitimized corruption as a way of life in India?( Manzil 1.0 test 9)


UPPSC: Q: Crowd is a temporary group which immediately collect at one place in situation of accident or protest or demonstration. Probability of this crowd becoming violent is always possible. Many a times this crowd creates unnecessary situation of violence. Through which Persuasion method the crowd may be controlled and satisfied. Explain.


The right to protest is an integral part of democracy. But protests often take violent turn and

lead to destruction of life and property. In such cases, it is the duty of police forces to take

action and restore normalcy. As the SP of the capital city of the state where such protests

often take place, how would you deal with such a situation if faced with it?(Manzil 1.0 test 8)


UPPSC: Q: Define impartiality and discuss the role of impartiality in solving the problems of weaker sections.


Explain how impartiality and non-partisanship is a valuable asset in public service using examples from the present times.(Manzil 1.0 test 8)

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