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[Trailer] A Little More Light with visually challenged aspirant: Ms. Meghana(KAS)| Podcast | Insights IAS|UPSC


“Maybe I can’t look at the world today, but I can make the world look at me someday…”

Hello Dear Students!

We are delighted to release the trailer of Episode 7 of our Podcast A Little More Light : Igniting Imagination, Inspiring Action. We have a very special guest this week: Ms. Meghana, KAS Officer & also UPSC CSE 2021 topper(AIR- 425).

Despite being a visually challenged candidate, Ms. Meghana has embraced challenges that came her way and transformed them into opportunities to forge ahead! Meghana, a supremely talented and courageous woman, persevered to make her dreams come true when life hit her hard with setbacks.

Losing something is more difficult than not having it at all, right? But Meghana challenged the toughest challenge that life threw at her and made it a non-issue. She is the epitome of humility, sincerity, and hard work. She shares her experiences and life lessons and speaks about the challenges and setbacks she has faced since her childhood due to the sudden onset of visual impairment in the 10th grade.

Her determination to get IAS even after being a KAS Officer is commendable. Additionally, she has cleared the UPSC CSE Exam twice too!

Watch this insightful episode to learn about the magic of maintaining a positive attitude in life, facing setbacks with courage and optimism, and the importance of having infinite hope about the various beautiful possibilities that life has to offer! The art of living, finding a way through obstacles & learning to face struggles, and making it a ‘Non Issue’ is an essential life skill.

Meghana is a star and we hope that her radiant and positive outlook will spread a little more light in your life!

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