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A Little More Light| Persevere till you succeed: DON’T QUIT! |Vivek HB, IAS| Podcast by Insights IAS



Hello Dear Students!

We are delighted to release Episode 6 of our Podcast A Little More Light :Igniting Imagination, Inspiring Action. We have a very special guest this week: Mr. Vivek HB, IAS.

He is an epitome of humility, sincerity and hardwork. Hailing from a humble background, the son of a farmer, Vivek started his UPSC journey at the age of 25. He didn’t give up despite successive failures, he kept trying an succeeded in his 5th attempt as an IRS Officer and became an IAS Officer in his 6th attempt. An ex-student of Vinay Sir, he shares his experiences and life lessons and speaks about his life as an IAS Officer today.

Watch this insightful episode to learn about the magic of never giving up- you never know- success might be just around the corner. We hope that it spreads a little more light in your life!

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