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Mental Health: What numbers don’t tell us

GS paper 2

Syllabus: Government policies and interventions for the development of various sectors, Structure, function and organisation of judiciary etc


Directions: Important for mains, can be used as an example for issues with Indian prisons


Source: The Hindu



  • The National Crime Records Bureau’s (NCRB) Prison Statistics India Report:
    • 9,180 prisoners with mental illness, 150 deaths by suicide, and five prisoners with schizophrenia and epilepsy have died.
  • India’s National Mental Health Policy, 2014: It considers prisoners a class of people vulnerable to mental ill-health.


Key Highlights:

  • Maximum prisoners: Undertrial population makes up for over 70% of the prison population.
  • Under trials: More than half of those with mental illness were undertrials
  • Project 39A’s report: On mental health and the death penalty, Deathworthy, revealed that over 60% of death row prisoners had a current episode of mental illness.


Lack of solutions:

  • NRCB data: It gives us data confirming the categorisation, but it does not take us much further towards crafting solutions.


Aspects of incarceration(confined to prisons)that cause distress:

  • Loss of liberty
  • Loss of close contact with loved ones
  • Loss of autonomy


Steps that need to be taken:

  • All-encompassing approach: Move beyond the treatment of individuals and towards identifying the social and underlying determinants of mental health in prisons.
  • Social and structural: We need to look at mental health in prisons from a social and structural perspective as well.
  • Reform, rehabilitation or reintegration(3Rs): They are meant to make prisoners confident in their lives, their choices and their ability to take decisions and be responsible and accountable for it.


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