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Assisted Suicide

GS Paper 4

Syllabus: Application of Ethics


Source: Indian Express 

Context: Jean-Luc Godard, one of the legends of French New Wave cinema, died by assisted suicide at the age of 91.

Godard had recourse to legal assistance in Switzerland for a voluntary departure as he was stricken with multiple invalidating illnesses, according to the medical report”.

Assisted suicide is allowed by Swiss law under certain conditions. Physicians and organisations are allowed to provide assistance to suicide within the framework of the law and under the medical codes of ethics, as per Le Monde, as long as there are no ‘selfish motives’. 

Why are assisted suicide and euthanasia controversial topics?

They have long been contentious topics of debate as they involve a complex set of moral, ethical and in some cases, religious questions.  

Countries that allow assisted suicide: Several European nations, some states in Australia and Colombia in South America allow assisted suicide and euthanasia under certain circumstances. 

Fig: Jean-Luc Godard


The term “euthanasia” is derived from Greek, literally meaning “good death”. Taken in its common usage, however, euthanasia refers to the termination of a person’s life, to end their suffering, usually from an incurable or terminal condition. It is for this reason that euthanasia was also coined the name “mercy killing”.

Types of Euthanasia:



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