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QUOTES YOU CAN USE IN UPSC MAINS 2022 for Foreign Policy & important things to remember for the Exam!


Here are a few quotes that you can use in the #UPSC Mains exam for #ForeignPolicy especially as introductions and conclusions.

1. “India’s multi-faith society is also an enormous contribution to global stability. In fact, that is what acts as a firewall preventing the spread of fundamentalism and radicalism from India’s West to its East.”
S. Jaishankar


2.”If America is a melting-pot,then India is a thali,a selection of sumptuous dishes in different bowls.Each tastes different & doesn’t necessarily mix with the next,but they belong together on the same plate,& they complement each other in making the meal a satisfying repast.” – Shashi Tharoor


3. “Asia is being shaped largely by the outlook of the US, the power of China, the weight of Russia, the collectivism of ASEAN, the volatility of the Middle East and the rise of India.”
S. Jaishankar


4. “South Asia is clearly among the least integrated regions of the world and being located at the centre of the Indian Ocean, its dysfunctionality affects that larger space directly.”
S. Jaishankar


5 “While it can be asserted with some confidence that a combination of economics, technology and demographics will draw India and the West closer, the real difference would be made by politics and values. For it to succeed in good measure, India and the West must fit into each other’s scheme of the world.”
S. Jaishankar


6. “India’s world view is consultative, democratic and equitable, but must find clearer expression.”
S. Jaishankar


7. “The ethos of the Indian Ocean is a consultative one and in the long run, it is the people-centric initiatives and projects that are likely to be more sustainable.”

S. Jaishankar


8. “The life of most people on earth is better than it ever has been in history, and yet the sense of uncertainty, dissatisfaction, and anger has never seemed higher. By historical standards, the world today is much less inequitable, unfair, capriciously oppressive, murderous, and imperial than before. Paradoxically, deep racial, cultural, & ethnic panics are evident in all societies, including the most advanced. The tension & the dynamic continue between cosmopolitanism versus nostalgic reaction, between regimentation versus an open society.”
Shivshankar M


9. “Asia is now physically tied together by infrastructure, trade, and investment. Globalisation means that the prosperity of east Asia depends and can be threatened by what happens in west Asia.”

Shivshankar Menon


10. “After all, Atmanirbhar Bharat does coexist with Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (the world is a family).”
S. Jaishankar


Here are a few things to remember if you are writing the #UPSC Mains 2022 tomorrow or in the future.

READ THE QUESTION(a few times!)

When we’re stressed, we tend to miss the finer details while reading. Keep calm & read the question and its sub-parts a few times(even while writing).


Don’t regret that you lost marks coz you didn’t read properly!


Remember to keep track of time.
Carry a wrist watch.
In Essays – keep a few minutes to brainstorm & only then start writing.
It’s a race against time.
There have been several talented individuals who haven’t cleared only coz they couldn’t complete!


Didn’t know a question? MOVE ON.
Didn’t do well in ONE paper? MOVE ON.
Remember there are several questions to make up for not knowing 1 or 2 questions & several papers to compete in.



Nobody knows everything- remember that.
If there are questions that look puzzling, SMILE & USE YOUR PRESENCE OF MIND! Remember that you possess a lot of knowledge. Utilise it to write something sensible quickly.

Do not panic.
Do not get STUCK.


Getting a chance to write the #UPSC Mains exam is a golden opportunity! You were one amongst the few thousands who qualified out of lakhs of aspirants.

Utilise this opportunity! Forget the rest, give it your best every single day in every paper.


Do not get overwhelmed by the exam. Be in complete control of your thoughts, emotions and responses. Do not fear it. If you don’t know something, move forward. Do not panic!

Don’t judge yourself either, not yet.


Enjoy the wonderful chance that you have been given. You have worked super hard to get this far. You have waited for several months/years!
Enjoy every moment.
It tests your physical & mental strength equally. Be tough.

Enjoy the process.

Team Insights IAS wishes every #UPSC aspirant writing the #UPSCMains Exam 2022 the very best of luck & good health!

#AceTheMains & be proud of yourself! You have come this far.
Believe in yourself- you’ve got this!

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