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Sachin Tendulkar’s family and coach shaped his success

GS Paper 4

Syllabus:  “Role of Family Society and Educational Institutions in Inculcating Values.”


Context: Sachin Tendulkar’s emotional farewell speech during his retirement highlighted how important the role of family, friends and teachers is in the journey to a successful career.

Messages from a close member of the family act as a guiding lamp in a child’s life. 

  • He had mentioned how each and every member of his family had encouraged him in some way or other because of which he could excel in Cricket.
  • He is known to be one cricketer who never had any rivals nor did he abused anyone, with moral and ethical sportsmanship.
  • Even after his retirement, all his public endorsements were very carefully selected. He had denied advertising for many alcohol and cigarette brands.

This is why he was called God of Cricket”. (I have seen God. He bats at number four for India – Matthew Hayden).