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Corruption reflects a crisis of ethics, values

GS Paper 4

Syllabus: Probity in Governance


Source: BusinessLine

Direction: Corruption has always been in news, you can pick up a few suggestions given in this article and add them to your notes.


Context: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent Independence Day speech revealed his anguish and exasperation as also his passionate campaign for more transparency and honesty in public life to reduce corruption.

      • Even after 75 years of Independence, we continue to be branded internationally as a corrupt nation.


Areas which have issues:

      • Dishonesty of government officials, both in the higher echelons and at the bottom. This evil prevails both in State administration and in a few bureaucratic segments at the Centre.
      • Real Estate Corruption remains unbearable in areas such as registration of documents relating to buying and selling property and sanction of planning permissions to put up new buildings.
      • Political issues: The reference to the demand for a ‘plum portfolio’ during the formation of a government is nauseating and has many dismaying connotations.
      • Corruption in law enforcement: Police departments all over the country are notorious for their dishonesty. There are hardly any among the 10,000 or more police stations in the country which can claim they are free from the malady.


Few suggestions given :

      • Public Participation: Handling corruption is supposed to be a joint endeavour between the government and the public. Without a union of minds and endeavour little can be achieved to enhance our moral credibility. A bribe taker cannot flourish without a bribe giver.
      • Education in ethics: Unless our future generations are indoctrinated in favour of honesty in their careers there is precious little to hope for them.