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[ Admissions Open] Insta KAS KPSC Prelims Test Series 2022





Fee : 3500/- incl. taxes

Mode : Online & Offline

Starts from : 18th Sept. 2022



Hello Dear Students!

INSIGHTSIAS is synonymous with UPSC civil services exam preparation since its inception: for the past 8 years in the offline mode & 11 years in the online mode. As another feather in our cap, we have been running 4 batches of KPSC Prelims-Cum-Mains Batch as well as Prelims Only Batch in Bengaluru and Dharwad and assisting students in preparing for the Karnataka Administrative Services(KAS) Exam.

Today, we are pleased to present to you our eagerly anticipated exam offering: KPSC PRELIMS TEST SERIES 2023 that assists several state services examination aspirants in preparing for KPSC.

KPSC PRELIMS ONLY TEST SERIES 2023 is intended to cover the entire syllabus for the KPSC Prelims exam gradually. Sectional and full-syllabus tests are included to ensure that adequate emphasis is placed on all aspects of the syllabus



1. Test Series Details:
• 16 tests (TOTAL TESTS)
• 12 sectional + 4 Full length papers
• Tests includes QCA + Synopsis
• Test available – online / offline
Fee : 3500/- incl. taxes

2. Time Gap between the tests is kept as 7 days(in 95% of the cases except during Sundays, Festivals & Revision Tests) as it is the 1st time that you will be covering the syllabus.
3. Revision tests are also included.
4. Questions designed are on par with the KPSC level, with great emphasis given to current events.
5. Well-detailed synopsis will be provided for the students to understand concepts thoroughly with the key answers.
6. Online test discussion of the test series questions & solutions will be conducted by our reputed faculties.




For any queries contact,

mail :


Bangalore Office : 7483163074 / 9380863034

Delhi Office : 7303318519 / 011-49520205

Hyderabad Office : 8688512637

Srinagar Office : +91 143560002

Lucknow Office: 7897954757



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