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A Little More Light Podcast[Episode 2]-Life Beyond UPSC-Teaching as a Career|Pradeep Sir|InsightsIAS


Hello Dear Students!

We are thrilled to share the second episode of our Podcast: A Little More Light- Igniting Imagination, Inspiring Action with you’ll!


Today, we have a very special episode with a very special person: an ex-student of Vinay Sir, who is now a leading faculty at Insights IAS! Mr. Pradeep teaches History and Kannada at Insights IAS. Deeply passionate about teaching, he says that it is in his DNA. A studious UPSC aspirant once upon a time, he tells us about the mistakes he made as an aspirant and how he managed to balance studies with his personal life. Listen to him talk about his deeply enriching experiences, his ambitions & goals, and his first love!

Mr. Pradeep’s story teaches us that there is a wonderful LIFE BEYOND UPSC!

Life is much larger than an exam. Do not let one exam determine your self-worth. You have infinite potential. Every setback or challenge is an opportunity. Dare to dream! Life beyond UPSC is bright if you just remember to turn on the light.

Please write to us at and let us know if this episode with the beloved faculty of Insights IAS, encouraged you to broaden your thinking and gave you a little more light!


Tune in to the premiere of a fun-filled episode at 9 am today!


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