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A Little More Light Podcast[Episode 2 Trailer]-Life Beyond UPSC- Teaching as a Career|Pradeep Sir|InsightsIAS


Hello Dear Students!

Since the time we announced our podcast and asked you’ll who you’ll wish to see featured on it- there has been ONE NAME that has been constantly showing up: in emails, comments, and messages. Who you may ask? It is the beloved faculty of Insights IAS – PRADEEP SIR!
You asked and we delivered!

Have you wondered what your favourite teacher is like outside of the classroom? What his journey has been like so far? What makes Pradeep Sir the awesome human that he is? Well, we have the answers for you in the second episode of our podcast!

Tune in to a super fun episode of A Little More Light:Igniting Imagination, Inspiring Action this Sunday! Filled with nostalgia, stories about the first love, failures, hardships, success and lots of laughter! This episode is sure to spread a lot of light in your life!

Don’t forget to tune in to the premiere on Sunday!


Tune in to the premiere of the trailer at 8:30 pm now!

Until next time!

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