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GS Paper 2

Syllabus: Government Policies and Interventions


Source: Factly

Direction: A few recommendations can be incorporated into your Mains notes. It is an important scheme. Do know basic facts about it.


Context: Parliamentary Standing Committee on Rural Development and Panchayati Raj’ released an action taken report on MGNREGA. The government has accepted 26 of the 33 recommendations made.


Suggestions by the Panel and action taken

      • Increase number of work days to 150 (from the current 100): However, it has been implemented only in drought/calamity hit areas (by providing 50 additional days) and in some states (using their own fund) e.g., Uttarakhand(150 days)
      • Promote women-centric work: Despite efforts to involve more women, women’s participation has stagnated at around 50% in the last 5 years.
      • Increase in wages and link it with inflation: But currently, it is linked with CPI-AL (agriculture labour)
      • Timely funding: Currently, (as per a study) wage payments were delayed for 71 per cent of the transactions beyond the mandated seven days
      • Convergence of various rural development schemes along with MGNREGA as it would help address rural poverty
      • Doorstep medical facilities for job cardholders have been recommended by the committee
      • Roll back the system of caste-based wages, under which NREGS workers are paid based on whether they belong to a Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe, or Others, with the earlier system by which a single Fund Transfer Order.



It guarantees “the right to work”, by legally providing at least 100 days of wage employment in rural India.

      • Implementation: The Ministry of Rural Development (MRD) in association with state governments. It is a centrally-sponsored scheme.
      • Within 15 days of submitting the application or from the day work is demanded (demand-driven scheme), wage employment will be provided to the applicant, and allowances in case employment are not provided.
      • Social Audit of MGNREGA works is mandatory
      • Gram Sabha and the Gram Panchayat approve the shelf of works under MGNREGA and fix their priority.

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Discuss the key features and significance of MGNREGA.

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Link it with what are the roles of Gram Sabha, Gram Panchayat, States, State Food Commission, and Centre, who conducts the social audit.