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[NEW INITIATIVE: 1st Edition is FREE]: – PRIME (Pre-cum-Mains Enrichment Notes for UPSC)


Hello Dear Students!

Insights IAS is a student-centric organization- we LISTEN to you’ll and implement your feedback promptly! We read every single comment and email without fail and take notes on how we can improve and deliver quality content. Since a long time, we have been inundated with requests for a comprehensive Material that goes beyond the Daily Current Affairs.

One dilemma that almost every UPSC aspirant faces is how to successfully cover the expansive syllabus and materials each day: newspapers, classes, quizzes, optional, GS…the list is endless.  You’ll asked us for something holistic, wherein you’ll didn’t have to go to several sites “collecting” material or googling things in order to understand the backward and forward linkages.  And as you’ll know, your wish has always been our command. Our team has worked diligently and put in a lot of hard work conceptualising and developing our new initiative: PRIME!  We are delighted to finally share this with you all.


What is PRIME(Pre-cum-Mains Enrichment Notes)?

  • It covers a topic in holistic manner, not just from the point of view of daily current affairs.
  • Backward, forward linkages will be provided.
  • Flowcharts, tables, diagrams are used generously (that explains the length of the magazine!)
  • You’ll can focus on this material for enhancing the quality of your answers in the Mains Examination.
  • Examples and case studies will also be given.


Do you want to stop being a collector of material and start being efficient in the manner of covering topics for the exam? Do you want to ace the exam and get a top rank? Then this initiative is for you! We will be releasing it every month henceforth. The first edition (July 2022) is free. Henceforth, it will be provided to the subscribers of our test series(both prelims and mains, and our classroom programs). If you are not a subscriber of any of our courses, but still want access to this, please email us at with the subject mentioned as: PRIME and based on the number of queries, we will decide on how to provide access to these valuable magazines to you dear student!

Please do give the magazine a read and let us know what you’ll think of it! Criticism, suggestions, feedback are most welcome! This magazine is for you and we want to deliver the best content!

Are you ready to conquer the UPSC CSE Exam with PRIME material?


Download the PRIME magazine here 


Here is a glimpse of PRIME notes of July 2022


Note :
1. It is different from our monthly compilations MAINS 30 & PRELIMS 30. It goes beyond Daily CA and covers topics holistically(not necessarily those in news).

2. It is a one-stop destination to gather all input about a relevant topic, with flow charts, tables, diagrams, Case studies and examples.

If you are looking to start working efficiently without having to waste time trying to find content for value addition – then this is for you! We are doing the research for you and presenting quality content in the form of PRIME magazine!


Until next time!



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