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[Job Openings at Insights IAS]: We are hiring!


Position : Content Writer

Skills needed:

1. Fluency in English & must have a good hold over English grammar.
2. Must have given 1 UPSC CSE Interview or at least 2 Mains in English medium(please attach the respective mark sheets as proof).
3. Must be able to write content for GS, Essay, Ethics and/or Optional subjects.
4. Should have an excellent command over Current Affairs.
5. Must possess good analytical skills.

Please email your résumés to along with a piece of your original analytical writing on


GS answer for the following question :

Q. Comprehensive reforms are needed in the criminal justice system to ensure effective enforcement of the law, uphold accountability, have a well-trained workforce and speedy disposal of the cases. Comment. (250 words)


•An Essay on the following topic(in 1000 words) : The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts.


Note: .

Please also include an essay on the following topic (mandatory question) in 250-300 words :

Q. Tell us about yourself and your UPSC journey so far. What do you think is your strongest quality/trait and how do you think it will help you in your professional life?

This is round 1. In case we find that your content meets our quality requirements, we will get in touch with you for Round 2.

Note 1:

Please do not copy paste content from anywhere- we do several checks and identify if the content is plagiarised. We want to see your originality & critical thinking.

Note 2: Please adhere to the word limits as specified.

Thank you!